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Ms. Lily's Corner
Meet Ms. Lily, visit her corner on this site or see her in person.  She is here to help you!
"Compassionate listening is to give the other person a chance to empty what is in their heart." --Thich Nhat Hanh

In AUSD, Intervention Advisors (IA) serve as school counselors.  We promote school attendance, student and and family engagement, socio-emotional health, as well as academic success for our students.  IAs also help connect and link students and families to mental health resources. 

On average, over 2,000 referrals are received each school year.  Participation in counseling may help your student improve emotional and mental health, including positive changes in behavior and coping which can improve academic performance.  Common reasons for referrals include:

Academic difficulties, Adjustment struggles, Behavior Changes, Changes in mood, Difficulties with peers/friendships, Exposure to traumatic events, Family related changes
Once a referral is made, the Gateway to Success staff will contact you to further discuss your concerns, verify your interest, and provide you with additional information.  The services are confidential and will not be kept in your student's academic record.

To get started:
* Call or email Ms. Lily Lam at Park school (626) 943-3640
* Encourage your student to speak to the Intervention Advisor
* Visit our website and complete an online referral
* Call the Gateway to Success office if you have any questions (626) 943-3410
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Feel free to join Ms. Lily, when she is open, to color, play board games, make friendship bracelets, or discuss Growth Mindset Strategies.  She is located next to the Middle School Computer Lab.