AUSD Dress Code

The district’s uniform policy will be in effect during the 2022-2023 school year and student clothing must adhere to AUSD dress code policies. Click here on the following links to view information:
Financial Consideration: No student will be penalized academically, discriminated, nor denied attendance, in any way for failing to wear the uniform for reason of financial hardship. Park will work with the staff, local school community, and business partners to identify resources for families in need.
Exemption Procedure: To exempt a student from the district wide Mandatory Uniform Policy, the parent or guardian must complete the AUSD Uniform Exemption Form and submit the form to the office. The form can be downloaded from our school website. The principal will contact the parent/guardian to schedule a meeting to discuss the request. An exemption will not be honored until a conference is held with the site principal.
New students will be given one calendar month after arrival to obtain uniforms or obtain a uniform exemption.