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Special Projects

Meet your Special Projects Team:
Instructional Specialist- Myriame Steep
Special Projects Assistant- Yolanda Rodriguez
Welcome to the Special Programs/Projects page! 
The Special Projects Office focuses on differentiating instruction for all students, providing targeted support for struggling students using a Multi-tiered system for Intervention.  This year, we implemented a universal screener for all students which helped us identify student levels early in the school year.  We are currently using Acellus, Imagine Learning, Leveled Literacy Intervention and iRead to support students' access to grade level curriculum.  Our Intervention Specialists pull out a limited amount of small groups of students to provide this intensive support, gathering ongoing data to document progress.  The majority of the support is provided using a Push-In model, where an Intervention Specialist "pushes in", goes into the classroom to provide additional guidance and during small group work embedded in the Reading/Writing Workshop routine, the specialists will target learning needs.  The special projects office also supports the differentiation of instruction for GATE students.  All 3rd-8th grade teachers have received GATE training Levels II and III through the District.  These include training regarding differentiation of strategies and multiple intelligence.  However, to ensure students meeting proficiency at all grade levels are constantly challenged, the staff agreed to implement Depth and Complexity Icons in all grade levels including TK, and the use of Menu Choices.  By using these instructional techniques, not only do teachers ensure their students are adequately motivated and challenged, but also all students have exposure to a more rigorous education where choice options allow for collaboration and communication among students.
Special Projects Intervention Specialists:
  • Laura Delamater
  • Sau Hoang
  • Sonia Shen
  • Jennifer Van den Burg (not pictured)
  • Hilda Estrada