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School Profile

Park Elementary School is a TK-8 school within the Alhambra Unified School District, located in the diverse, residential part of the suburban city of Alhambra, California.  Our community is culturally and ethnically diverse, comprised of about 60% Hispanic, 26% Asian, 7% Pacific Islander, 4% White and 3% other.  Forty-Eight percent of the population is considered English Learners and 77% come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The three major languages other than English spoken by students’ families include Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog.  Park does not have special day classes, but does service students with disabilities through our Resource Specialist Program and Speech or Language Program. 


Park’s student population includes about 200 inter and intra district permits of which are awarded based upon availability per grade level, grades, attendance and behavior. Due to the high number of permits, Park’s enrollment has steadily risen over the past 3 years, with a current enrollment of about 750. Thus far, Park’s progressive annual attendance rate has risen from 95.82% last year to 97.33% this year.  Such growth has occurred by celebrating school attendance month in September, providing students monthly attendance free dress awards, class trophies for perfect attendance, and office staff monitoring truancies on a daily basis with the assistant principal holding informational attendance meetings for parents. 


In order to promote a collaborative, student first school, Park Staff members employ the district’s Gateway to Success foundational tenets.  These include knowing each student, disciplining with dignity and modeling of expected behaviors.  A focus on positive discipline is demonstrated through the use of Panther Paws (certificate earned for demonstrating desired behaviors) and monthly student assemblies that focus on the Growth Mindset. 


Collaboration exists within two essential school teams: Cadre and CAST.  These teams meet at least monthly with the administration.  The Cadre’s focus is on instructional, school wide supports to continue implementing quality, research based practices in the classroom while CAST’s focus is not only to discuss grade level needs, but adopt school wide procedures to make the school a safer, more engaging and academically stimulating learning environment for all.  


Park considers itself truly, a school for the community, offering 8 week courses for parents such as Technology, Language Arts and Math in addition to the mandated parent council meetings.  Interactive learning opportunities for families include Literacy, Math and Science Nights.  Parents have options to openly discuss concerns or offer suggestions monthly at the Coffee with the Principal and other community events such as Volunteer Tea, Family Picnic Night, International Fair, Latino Family Fair and Lunar New Year Family Fair.  “Panther Pride” stems from collaboratively persevering through challenges to demonstrate behavioral and academic success!